75th Annual Pub Crawl

(really the 5th, but who can count after all those beers?)

June 25th, 2005



The George, 77 Borough High Street

London's only remaining coaching inn dating back to 1676


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The Bunch of Grapes, 2 St Thomas Street


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The Mug House, 1-3 Tooley Street

A wonderfully atmospheric bar under the last remaining arch of the original London Bridge.


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The Golden Hinde


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The Anchor, 34 Park Street

An historic Thameside tavern where Pepys watching the Great Fire of London


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Millennium Bridge

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Blackfriar Pub, 175 Queen Victoria Street

A fantastic character pub, with an amazing art nouveau interior.


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Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, 145 Fleet Street

A truly historic (and quirky) pub frequented by Dickens, Dr Johnson, Oscar Wilde and drunken Texans


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Thank you to Philip Allega for helping to plan this year's crawl and to Bruce for being the official chaser!