2nd Annual UKTE Oktoberfest Trip

25-27 September 2003

MŁnchen, Germany

Day One - The Zoo Tent - HofbraŁ

Looking good, but it VERY early!

After a short afternoon of groping and leering,

an entire Italian rugby team show off their drinking endurance skills

Day Two - We TOTALLY miss the 8:45 a.m. beer tent wake-up call, but meet up with Michael and the crew from Austin; the pilots just back from Iraq; and Lisa and Aimee's NY Buddies

Day Three - An afternoon at the very fun Shottenhammel tent with the REAL Germans + Silly Hats + Marjorie & Tom (do y'all have any pics you want to add?), then din din - and more beer - at the swanky Hippodrom before getting on the plane and "resting" the whole way back to London

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