UK 'Horns & Friends Take in the Rugby 'Superbowl' - The Tetley's Bitter Cup

On Feb. 24th, 2001, 'The Crew of 22' journeyed to Twickenham - the English National Rugby Stadium - in West London to enjoy a crisp (and even sunny!) day of Championship Rugby Union.  

Despite the Newcastle Falcons beating London Harlequins on a last minute try (after a VERY dodgey line-out call!!) a great time was had by all.


        Pre-game Pub Warm Up                 Allie shows what she thinks of Geordie singing on the bus


           In the Stands                   Chris pre-Falcons' Comeback   The Houses' say Hook 'em Newcastle


    Where's the Jester Hat, Stu?                            Now you see her...            


                        Post Game Wrap-Up                                    Yes, its a BEER Brook!

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