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The UK Texas Exes Chapter Scholarship Program

The UK Texas Exes were the first International Exes Chapter EVER to award a Chapter Scholarship to an incoming UT Student.


For the '05-'06 school year, UKTE awarded London native Ruby-Madren Britton who will be a freshmen this fall at UT with a $1000 Co-Op Book Award.  This is our second ever Scholarship awarded.  We have continuous Scholarship fundraising events throughout the year, however we need YOUR SUPPORT!


Program Objectives:

1) To give back to our local community - the residents & citizens of the United Kingdom - by providing financial assistance to accomplished incoming undergraduate freshmen to the University of Texas at Austin

2) Through this financial assistance, to raise the profile of UT-Austin in the UK and encourage US Ex-Pat and British students to consider UT-Austin as their choice for their undergraduate education

3) Make Scholarship Fund Raising an inherent component of all UKTE activities - all events and activities should include a scholarship fund-raising component

4) For each Scholastic year, to award 2 incoming freshman sufficient assistance to cover "books & supplies" per UT-Austin's official estimate for these expenses

5) To utilise the Texas Ex-Students Association's $500/year matching funds to further leverage our fund raising activities

6) To pursue the long-term goal of setting up an Endowment (minimum amount required $7500 US) within 5 years therefore establishing a permanent scholarship revenue stream


These objectives were set at the 12 September 2004 UKTE Scholarship Steering Group Meeting


UKTE Chapter Scholarship Tote Board & Financial Plan - as of 31 Dec 2004, a VERY Good Year!


Fund Raising Campaign Year

Amount Raised (UK£)

Amount Distributed/ Target (£/$)

ESA Matching Funds Received (US$)

Total Scholarships Awarded/Target

Endowment Fund Contrib. Banked/Target(£/$)

Amount Req'd for Endowment ($7500 Needed)

'03 - June '04




1 x $800







2 x $800**




£113 (July) -



2 x $800**







2 x $800**







2 x $800**



*Estimated using Sep '04 Exchange Rate.  We realized significantly better exchange rates in Dec' 04 when the first '04-'05 transfer was made to the ESA

** $800 is the current (Sep 04) figure estimated by UT-Austin for a year's "Books & Supplies" for a student.   We have not yet calculated in inflation, interest, or FX risk

    into these initial figures, therefore these targets will be fine-tuned in the future to include these factors


COMING SOON: Information on scholarship candidate selection criteria & calendar of key dates


How YOU can help:


1) Attend UKTE Events: £1-3 of all events that require pre-registration will go to the UKTE Scholarship Fund.  We will also have a "Feed Bevo" Box at all events so y'all can help out with a little spare change


2) Make a Donation to the Cause: All donations to the UKTE Scholarship funds are US Tax Deductible as we are a 503(c) charitable organization and you will receive a letter confirming your donation


        - By Check: Please send your check indicating its a Scholarship donation made out to The UK Texas Exes to:

Carra Kane
President, UKTE

7 Edith Road


SW19 8TW



- By Direct Deposit from a UK Bank Account: You can send us a donation directly into the UKTE Bank Account Please email Ingrid for account details.


- By Standing Order: Why not give the gift that keeps on giving and set up a monthly Standing Order?  Please use the bank information above and if possible, please make the payment on or near the 1st of each month


- By PayPal: UKTE's Paypal Site has all the very easy details.  Please indicate your transfer is a Scholarship Donation in the details as well as your email and postal address.  If you can, please add £2 to your donation to cover our transactions costs

3) Join the UKTE Scholarship Steering Committee: With our Scholarship Program still in its infancy, we would greatly value your input into Fund Raising Raising Ideas; setting award  criteria; and assisting with award selection.  Please contact the UKTE Scholarship Chair, Ann Allega at annallega@alumni.utexas.net  to get involved!


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