Pictures from the Texas Independence Day Celebration

March 2nd, 2002 @ The Texas Embassy

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Thanks to for providing the trivia contest giveaways!


Before 4 Coronas...                  Hmmm, did we perhaps phone a friend??                   ...After 4 Coronas

                                                                                                                                        (and a hot fudge Sunday)

Brought to you by...

The UK Texas Exes, The London Tx A&M Club, and the London Tx Tech Club Team of

Summer, Dave, Marc, Chuck, Alicia (Negotiator Supreme), and Busboy Rick


Y'all remember taking this pic, right?


RD doesn't mind being the last domino               Lorna & Dave get a geopolitical update 


 A New Yawker, A Texan, and an Auzzie walk into a bar...    


The Adopt a Dutchman-or-Kiwi Program was a great success, but Donde esta Fabio, Liisa???

Thanks to everyone that was part of the HUGE crowd at the Texas Independence Day celebration on Saturday! 

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Tech Alums  in Da' House!

We had well over 100 folks from UT, A&M, Tech, Rice, TCU, Colorado, Oz, New Zealand, several other countries, Univ. alumni, and Brits.   Loads of fun was had and thanks for your patience on some of the din-din logistics


Funny, no one from Oklahoma seemed to show up, wonder why?


Are those standard issue hats?


The crowd enjoys the afternoon and a few bevvies, if only the food would get here



Who let these guys in???  

(Please note the 147th pic of George - wassup PhotoTech Charleen??)

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